IMA was established 1960 by a group of farsighted Iranian executives, administrators and academics who wished to promote good management in private and public sectors in Iran.
In during of these years, IMA has been witnessed to enormous changes in the social, political and economic fortunes of the country, but has remained steadfast in carrying out its original mission:
Preaching, teaching and practicing good management in Iran. IMA is presently supported by a large number of institutional and individual members drawn primarily from the private sector. It is being run by aboard of directors and a general secretary.

IMA's activities can be divided in four major categories:
A) Research, consultation and training management
B) Training and seminars
C) Environmental management system
D) Publications

IMA conducts many kinds of research studies (marketing, opinion surveys, problem solving, etc) on request and offers advice and practical assistance in management problems and ways of overcoming them. The emphasis is on training managers to confront and solve human, technical and organizational problems in their place of work. IMA offers these services by drawing on a vast pool of available experts on many management problems, including organizational structure, payment schemes. Job performance, auditing and accounting system, maintenance work, warehousing, inventory control, project implementation, productivity, ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO10015, IWA2 and re-engineering and it.

IMA provides its training in the form of seminars, course, lectures, round table discussions and national gathering. The educational courses for executives include the following :
1) General management courses
2) Administrative and educational courses
3) Financial courses
4) General and production planning courses
5) Statistics and information courses including computer and internet
6) Technical and engineering courses. in addition, IMA is active in the design and implementation of a variety of seminars in various aspects of management for the benefit of members and non-members.
IMA also offers lectures by well known Iranian and international authorities.
IMA designs and implements total environmental protection and ISO14000 Projects, including preparation of standards related to sustainable development.

IMA puts out a monthly magazine called “MANANGEMENT” which offers timely and usefull topics on management, including summaries of round table discussions and interviews with executives and experts.
There are three kinds of membership:
1) Institutional membership
All organization and industries (private or public) can pay membership fees and be a member of IMA.
2) Individual membership
Qualified individuals can fill out the application form, pay membership fee and join IMA as a member
3) University students
All University students In management studies can pay the student membership fee and join as student member.

1) Free Management magazine
2) Participating in mothly industrial visits arranged by IMA
3) Using IMA's library facilities
4) Networking and co-operation between members
5) Getting discount and assistance when taking part in the seminars, courses and monthly educational lectures.